We are unique organization having a well-integrated team of specialist dedicated to health care and adult health. Our highly qualified and experienced team is efficiently devoted helping the patients of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, angelus of penis, atrophy (shrinkage of the penis), heart problems, liver problems, nervous disorders and infertility due to any reason  etc. We provide the complete solution of all couple problems. We assure you we will change your thoughts and lives.

Our catalogue is consisted imported of health care and beauty products; we have selected fine brands and companies for our import products which are the most efficient for our customers.


My Max Store® is a well renowned online shopping solution to buy all pharmaceutical and herbal health care products at reasonable price. My Max Store® is a sub project of Maxx International®. It is developed to bring a revolutionary change in the bio medical health field. We are the only organization having a complete network throughout the globe. Our network comprises of five main branches to help the human masses in their health care problems and provide services to them. 
1. Pharmaceuticals research and development center.
2. Chain of private hospitals throughout the globe.
3. Chain of Pharmacy stores throughout the globe.
4. Expert dedicated team for all online patients.
5. Herbal care Production.
6. Import & Export Cell.
We are proud to have our own production and research center for different pharmaceutical Products. The research carried out in this cell is purely Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological. We use state of art technology and high level of controlled condition for our developmental products. All the products produced in the cell meet international standards therefore ready to be imported and available in our official chain stores (My Max Store®) to help our customers and patients to have ease in buying them.
We are feeling lucky to have our own Chain of private hospitals throughout the globe, mostly situated in poor countries to help all those people who cannot afford their health care expenses, to provide them with better opportunities’ of health. We have hired talented and enthusiastic Doctors from different countries to meet international standard and help our patients in acquiring best health care facilities. 
My Max Store® is our well-renowned project helping us to import and have quality products in our chain stores. My Max Store team search for the best health care products throughout the globe and ensure its import for our customers and patients. The team inspects all the products periodically and projects them to research facility for their periodic research and effectiveness in human body. 
We are providing the only online help desk of the world consisting of dedicated expert team and online Doctor consultants, helping all those who want to get help and free advices from our Professional Doctors consultants team regarding their health care problem and issues. It's all-time free facility. 
My Max Store® governs the Import & Export Cell to have better, quality and have up-to-date catalog of products import.